Three Ways to Provide Your HVAC Customers Solutions to Stay Happy & Comfortable


If you make use of the benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer, it can help you have happy customers and clients

There are many benefits to becoming a McCall’s dealer, but the most important has to do with keeping customers happy. A happy customer is the best customer, especially given how many HVAC companies get new business through referrals. But having a happy customer isn’t the easiest thing to achieve. These few basics steps can make it much easier:

#1: Being on Time

Punctuality is extremely important to most customers, especially when they have to take time away from something else to meet with the HVAC technician. For some, it could be a big deal; they might even take a half-day off from work to stay home. So when they have to make special arrangements to be available, they get understandably upset when the technician shows up late or the job goes longer than anticipated without good reason.

#2: Getting it Right the First Time

The only thing that’s more inconvenient than having an air conditioner or heater break is having an air conditioner or heater break a second time. And it’s not just the customer that doesn’t like a second call-out to make a repair. It’s also terrible for the HVAC business when you make an unnecessary second trip without charging the customer a second time. (Of course, it’s possible to charge the customer for the second visit, but it will make them very upset and can easily lead to losing their business.)

#3: Admitting Mistakes

If a second visit takes place because a technician made a mistake, HVAC businesses should not make excuses. In most situations, the customer can tell when a company is spouting excuses. Most customers appreciate simple honesty and will forgive as long as the mistake doesn’t occur over and over again. The vast majority of customers don’t expect perfection, but they do expect the truth.

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