Three Humidity Control Tricks Every South Carolinian Needs

Three Humidity Control Tricks Every South Carolinian Needs


There are many product upgrade benefits, including reducing the humidity inside your office or home.

The biggest and most valuable of the product upgrade benefits of a dehumidifier is controlling the humidity level indoors. A humidifier can help increase airflow within a room, but only slightly. In most situations, a fan will be a better device for increasing the flow of air. However, nothing beats a standalone dehumidifier when it comes to taking water from indoor air.

Most dehumidifiers work by blowing the indoor air over a cold surface, such as refrigerated coils. The moisture from the air collects on the cold coils, and then drips into a container or piping for removal outside or within the building’s plumbing system. But besides using a standalone dehumidifier, there are other ways to control indoor humidity levels.

Let’s take a look at some helpful tips from your pros at McCall’s:

Trick #1: Run the Air Conditioner More Often

The air conditioner does a fairly good job of removing excess humidity from the indoor air. But if there are certain parts of a building with a lot of humidity, the air conditioner probably won’t be enough to keep the air dry and comfortable. Also, keep in mind that running the air conditioner more often will usually use more energy than a standalone dehumidifier.

Trick #2: Keep Showers and Cooking Sessions Short

You should avoid or reduce doing anything that releases moisture into the air, such as showering and cooking. Obviously, you’ll need to stay clean and eat, but you can still take steps to reduce the moisture put into the air. For example, instead of leaving a pot simmering for an extra few minutes when the meal is over, put away its contents immediately.

Trick #3: Close the Windows

You don’t need to keep the windows closed all the time, but definitely do so when it rains. It might be tempting to open the windows during a storm to take advantage of the cooler air the rain brings. But with that cool air comes moisture. This moisture will enter your home and office and eventually make it very humid inside.

If you want to learn about more of the product upgrade benefits you can get by using a dehumidifier, it’s time to connect with McCall’s Supply, Inc. and speak with one of our trusted HVAC professionals.