The Go-Getter’s Guide to HVAC Customer Service

The Go-Getter’s Guide to HVAC Customer Service


Learn how to improve your HVAC business by upgrading your customer service skills. Your heating and cooling technicians aren’t just fixing machines. They’re helping people. Maximize all your efforts by learning how to add a personal touch.

Validate Your Customers’ Feelings

The first time you talk to many of your customers will be during an emergency. React the right way, and they’ll be loyal for life. The first step in relieving their anxiety is to make them feel like they have a friend to weather the storm. Be that friend by acknowledging their fears, as silly as they might seem. For instance, “I worry about expenses too. Let’s see if we can find a more affordable filter.”

Learn Your Customers’ Names

Using someone’s name is a fast way to their affections. Unfortunately – especially in the South – it’s easy to go wrong with this advice. Technicians should always ask a customer what her or his name is and take note of how they prefer you address them.

Stay off Your Cell Phone

Set your phone to silent before you head inside your customers’ home. Keep it in your pocket during conversations, or explain if you have a purpose for taking it out. For instance, if you need to use the calculator or look up a part number, tell them what you’re doing. If you don’t explain, people will assume the worst.

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