The Digital Age: Pros and Cons to Digital Thermostats

The Digital Age: Pros and Cons to Digital Thermostats

Product upgrade benefits can be the deciding factor when considering an HVAC upgrade. Smart homes are more and more common, and one of the integral components is a digital smart thermostat. But just because they’re right for some doesn’t mean they’re right for all. Before you go out and buy one, take a look at the pros and cons of digital thermostats.

Start with the Cons

While digital thermostats have come a long way, they do have some drawbacks. The cons include:

  • Cost – smart and digital thermostats are more expensive than their older counterparts
  • Installation – the installation for a new model thermostat is more complicated than an analog version
  • Incompatible – though not as common as it used to be, there is a chance a digital thermostat is not compatible with your particular HVAC system

What About the Pros?

Most homeowners feel that the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to thermostat upgrades. To decide for yourself, take a look at some of the pros:

  • Money savings – a digital programmable thermostat can save you significantly on your energy bills
  • Extensive programming – not only can you set it and forget it when it comes to the temperature in your home, but there are extensive programming options for any lifestyle and comfort preferences
  • Consistent temperature – digital thermostats help ensure consistent temperatures throughout your home, without the ups and downs that come with older models

If you’re considering a digital thermostat, there’s no better place to gather information and to find out if your system is compatible than your local McCall’s Supply, Inc. dealer. Contact them today for all the information you need on thermostat product upgrade benefits.