The 4 Most Important Differences Between Solar and Gas Water Heaters

The 4 Most Important Differences Between Solar and Gas Water Heaters

Solar water heaters vs. gas water heaters.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar energy for the home – especially for heating up your water – is growing and becoming more affordable, more efficient, and more effective. There are more uses and ways to apply solar technology now than ever before. But with gas water heaters being the norm, how can you compare the two? Here are the 4 biggest differences between solar water heaters and gas water heater.

#1: Installation Cost

Solar is still expensive technology, and the cost of installing solar water heaters can be significantly greater than the installation cost of gas water heaters.

#2: Victims of Price Changes

Solar power is available wherever there is sunshine. The price of sunshine doesn’t change; it’s free no matter what happens to the economy. Gas water heaters, meanwhile, are tied to fluctuations in the natural gas market. They are, therefore, at the mercy of price changes, shortages, and the economy.

#3: Environmental Impact

Solar water heaters are environmentally friendly, running clean without releasing any carbon compounds. While the natural gas that powers gas water heaters is more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels like oil or propane, it still uses combustion to operate. That combustion releases carbon dioxide into the air, making it less environmentally friendly than clean sunlight.

#4: Heat Use and Heat Loss

Solar water heaters rely on water storage tanks. At any given time, there is water sitting idle in a storage tank, where it loses heat and needs to be reheated. Gas heating systems, meanwhile, can come in tankless options. These don’t need storage tanks, and can be used at any time of the day or night without fear of running out of hot water.

The type of water heating system you choose is dependent upon your budget, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences. If you are considering both solar water heat and gas heating systems but need more guidance and expertise on the differences, contact McCall’s today and talk to a professional.