The 3 Biggest Reasons You Should Offer Home Generators to Your HVAC Customers

Looking for what’s missing from your heating and cooling supply? Look no further.

Home Generators 

Home heating and cooling supply is your business. You want it to be successful and profitable, so every now and then you should step back and evaluate your progress. What’s missing? You might wonder what you could add to your supplies and services to enhance your product line and your customer service.

Well, take a minute or two to read this. Here are the 3 biggest reasons home generators need to be part of your home heating and cooling supply.

1. Help Keep Homeowners Safe

The number one reason generators should be part of your heating and cooling supply is for safety’s sake. It’s not just about keeping the lights on and the television running; it’s about keeping everyone safe. Everything from preventing the food from rotting, keeping the HVAC running, to making sure medical devices continue to provide support are all important reasons for generators. And if you can supply them, even better.

2. Ok, It IS About the Lights and the Television, Too

Everyone feels safer and more comfortable during a storm if most of his or her home remains as it was before the power outage. Lights and televisions, appliances, and air conditioning are all great examples of keeping things running even when the electricity isn’t. Adding generators to your heating and cooling supply inventory can help you reach these customers.

3. Peace of Mind

Don’t let your customers feel anxious or worried about their power during the storm season. Give them peace of mind by adding home generators to your heating and cooling supply business.

If you want to add home generators to your heating and cooling supply business but you want more information on how to go about it, contact McCall’s today. And while you’re at it, ask them how you can become a McCall’s dealer.