Summer Tips for Improving Your Business

Summer Tips for Improving Your Business

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Do you want to know how to improve your HVAC business this summer? Find ideas here.

How can you grow and improve your HVAC business in today’s competitive market? Gone are the days when people just looked you up in the yellow pages. Keep reading for some summer tips to improve your business.

Be Technology Friendly to Your Customers

Be sure your website works for you. Is it easy for customers to find the information they want? Is your website optimized for mobile devices? When your customers search “local HVAC service,” does your company name come up on their smartphone?

User Generated Content, or UGC, is an abbreviation you should know. People love to contribute and share. Ask your customers for testimonials, customer reviews, photos of your products or services, or run a contest. Be sure to have a means in place to monitor social media and keep the content fresh and up to date.

Take a Customer-Centered Approach

Consider how to make your business more customer-focused. Do your hours cater to customers who work 9-5? Can they reach you after hours or on the weekend?

Make sure you have professionally-trained technicians who are working with the most up to date techniques and products and can clearly explain to your customers how your business can best meet their needs.

Offer a seasonal deal or a complimentary service. Provide customers with an incentive for a referral. Your happy customers will want to share your name with friends.

Our expert team at McCall’s Supply, Inc. can provide you with training and ideas on how to improve your HVAC business this summer. Connect with us online now to explore your best opportunities for business growth.