Signs Your AC Unit Is on Its Last Leg

Signs Your AC Unit Is on Its Last Leg

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Get answers to your general HVAC service questions to determine if it’s time to buy a new AC unit.

Repair technicians get asked a lot of general HVAC services questions about how to know when it’s time to replace the air conditioner. Don’t let a malfunctioning AC unit catch you off-guard in the middle of summer. Look out for these warning signs that you may need to purchase a new system.

Skyrocketing Energy Costs

Energy usage fluctuates throughout the year, but a sudden surge in energy costs may indicate your AC is no longer efficient. Your unit may be working overtime to keep your home cool. This usually means key components of the system are about to fail. While you could try to repair the problem, it may be more cost-efficient to replace the air conditioner.

The House Is Always Warm

No matter how hot it gets outside, your air conditioner should be able to keep your home comfortable. If your home always seems a bit on the warm side, your system may be struggling to keep up. A multitude of issues could be to blame, including a weak motor, failing compressor, or refrigerant leak. Sure, you could call an HVAC technician to fix the problem. But if you find yourself repair one problem after another, it’s probably time to go ahead and buy a new unit.

You Have a Geriatric System

On average, air conditioners only last for about 10-15 years. As the unit gets older, it won’t work as well as it once did. You may notice the system making strange sounds or running non-stop. Older units cost more to repair, so it’s wise to consider a replacement if your air conditioner is nearing its ten-year birthday.

Think it may be time to upgrade your air conditioner? Before you jump to any conclusions, have a technician take a look at your system. McCall’s dealers come fully trained and ready to tackle any problem. Get in touch with a local McCall’s dealer for answers to your general HVAC service questions about air conditioners.