Protect Your Equipment: Switching from Heat to AC

Protect Your Equipment: Switching from Heat to AC

Spring is right around the corner, and questions about heat to AC HVAC issues come with it. The South Carolina climate means we often have hot weather during the day and cooler temps at night, so it’s essential to know what switching back and forth between hot and cool air does to your equipment. Here’s how to manage it and how to protect your HVAC system.

Is it Okay to Switch Between Heat and AC?

As spring creeps in and the temperatures vary dramatically between day and night, we want a little air conditioning during the day, but then we want to turn on the heat at night. Is that okay? The answer is yes. It’s okay to switch back and forth between hot and cool air if you do it carefully and with some guidance from the pros.

Don’t Interrupt the Cycle

To protect your HVAC system when changing back and forth from AC to heat, the most important thing to keep in mind is to not interrupt a cycle. If the heat is on and warm air is blowing through the vents, don’t trip the thermostat into a cooling cycle, and vice versa. Wait until the heating or cooling cycle is complete before switching. This will prevent a tripped breaker, a pressure lockup, or a blown fuse.

Go Easy on the Temperature Swings

If you leave the AC on during the day but want it a little warmer in the evening, go easy when resetting the thermostat. Adjust by one or two degrees at a time. A huge swing in temperature can result in your HVAC system overworking, causing excess energy use and wear and tear on the components of the equipment.

Contact your local McCall’s dealer or more information on heat to AC HVAC questions or to set up a service call for an HVAC inspection.