Overcoming Skepticism About Indoor Air Quality Issues

Overcoming Skepticism About Indoor Air Quality Issues

Arguments about air quality continue.

Overcoming Skepticism About Indoor Air Quality Issues
Everyone’s an expert these days. With instant online access to anything and everything, anyone can find information to support their opinion no matter what it is. So when you start to hear skepticism about indoor air quality issues like the examples below, you can overcome it with the facts.

“Outdoor Pollution is Worse”

Or so they say. Many people are skeptical when it comes to indoor air quality and the fact that it is often as bad as or worse than outdoor air quality. We have all been led to believe that we can seek shelter from pollution simply by going indoors, which is not necessarily the case. We trap pollutants in when we don’t open our windows in order to keep the heat and/or air conditioning in.

“There Are No Indoor Air Pollutants”

Many people think only of industrial pollutants when it comes to air quality. Emissions from factories and buses and cars, those are the things we imagine when we see smog over our city. The truth is that the things we use in our homes to keep them clean create pollutants that compromise our air quality. And there’s more.

“Not Much Contributes to Indoor Air Pollution”

From cleaning products to certain textiles, to plastics, smoke and even air fresheners, we are exposed to harmful particles whenever we are inside our homes. Air quality is also affected by seemingly natural causes such as pollen, dust and pet hair and dander.

So what do we tell these skeptics to do once they understand the truth about air quality? We tell them to look into air cleaners and air filtration so they really can say their indoor air quality is good. If you’re a homeowner concerned about your indoor air quality, find a McCall’s dealer near you.