Late Winter HVAC Issues? The #1 Troubleshooting Tip Every Homeowner Should Know

Late Winter HVAC Issues? The #1 Troubleshooting Tip Every Homeowner Should Know

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Who can you count on to answer your general HVAC service questions?

Homeowners can sometimes answer their own general HVAC service questions with simple troubleshooting techniques. These won’t solve every problem. Sometimes they confirm the need for immediate professional service. However, they might get your system back up and running without the need for a repair.

Check out our solutions to this common – and potentially dangerous – late-winter HVAC problem:

What should you do when running the furnace shuts your electricity down?

Sometimes, as your furnace kicks on, the power goes out. This can be a major safety concern, or it could be a sign you’re being too demanding. If the electricity goes out for the whole house, assess what you have plugged in. If you received new appliances for the holidays, for instance, you might need to call an electrician to ensure you have sufficient power to run them. Unplug anything new or out of the ordinary and attempt to restart your system.

If the system continues to shut down your electricity, you could have a short circuit. Keep the system off while you call repairs.

Sometimes, running the furnace only trips the breaker for your HVAC equipment. On the inside of the service panel door, you should find instructions on how to reset your heating equipment. Following these instructions is similar to unplugging a device and plugging it back in again. It often works to get your heater up and running reliably.

When it doesn’t? It’s time to shut things down and call a pro. HVAC equipment shuts down whenever there is a risk of an explosion or fire. Ignoring these warning signs can lead to disaster, so don’t mess around. It’s best to be cold for a few hours while you wait for repairs than to risk your life or your home.

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