Keep Guests Comfortable in Your Home during the Cold Months with These Three Tips

Keep Guests Comfortable in Your Home during the Cold Months with These Three Tips

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Do you have general HVAC service questions? We have answers.

One of the most common general HVAC service questions is: “How can I keep my home at a comfortable temperature in winter?” Thankfully, it’s not a hard question to answer. Here are some tried and true tips for keeping your house comfortable for guests during the cold winter months.

Invest in Expert HVAC Service

Your HVAC unit needs servicing before winter hits. A qualified technician will check the unit and make sure it’s working correctly. You can also have an HVAC company check your ducts for leaks. Duct leaks will not only lower temperatures in your home but can also raise your energy bills. In fact, the DOE notes you can lose up to 30% of your home’s warm air due to duct leaks and holes.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save you a lot of money. You can use it to lower temperatures when you’re not home and raise temperatures right before you get back. You can customize the times and settings for keeping your home and your guests comfortable.

Avoid Costly HVAC Servicing by Upgrading to a New Unit

Do you need a new HVAC unit? Here are some signs you do:

  • Your current HVAC has numerous, recurring problems
  • Your home is never at a comfortable temperature
  • You have high energy bills

New HVAC units can be expensive, but they often pay for themselves in a few years. Choose one with a high SEER rating for the most energy savings.

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