It’s a Dry Heat? The Importance of Humidifiers in Heating and Cooling Systems

Humidifiers are an important part of heating and cooling systems.

It's a Dry Heat? The Importance of Humidifiers in Heating and Cooling Systems

We are all able to tell when it’s hot and when it’s cold, especially in our homes and offices. What we aren’t as good at identifying is whether it’s too dry.

A certain level of humidity in our indoor environments is essential to comfort and good health. The recommended indoor humidity level is 40-60%. If you’re running your heat and air without a humidifier, it’s most likely too dry. The importance of humidifiers in heating and cooling systems cannot be overstated.

If you’re wondering how to tell if you’re home or office is too dry, take a look at some of these symptoms of too little humidity:

• Dry eyes
• Dry, sore, or scratchy throat
• Headaches
• Dry skin
• Dry contact lenses
• Nasal stuffiness
• Itchy scalp

Increasing the humidity levels can help alleviate these irritating symptoms. Additionally, proper humidity levels via your heating and cooling system can protect your belongings. If the air is too dry, furniture can become dry and brittle and can crack. Artwork and plants need adequate humidity to have longevity as well.

Different heating and cooling systems use different humidifiers, and different homes and buildings have different humidity needs. Talk to a specialist who can evaluate your needs and guide you in selecting the right system.

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