Is an HVAC Cover the Right Choice for My Home System?

Is an HVAC Cover the Right Choice for My Home System?

Do you have an HVAC cover? If this is the first you’ve heard of them, you could ask why do I need an HVAC cover for my system? We’re so glad you asked. We have the information you need and some HVAC cover pros and cons.

Pros of an HVAC Cover

Some heating and cooling professionals like the idea of covering an AC system during the winter months. They feel like it adds a level of protection from the elements. Additional pros of an HVAC cover include:

  • Protects the condenser coils from winter ice and snow
  • Prevents ice and snow buildup on the external box
  • Keeps out leaves, sticks, and other debris
  • Cuts down on cleaning needed in the spring

Cons of an HVAC Cover

There are as many techs who think covering your cooling equipment in the winter is a bad idea as there are those who think it’s a good idea. The ones against it argue that the equipment, designed for outdoor installation, will stand up to the elements. Some other reasons to skip the cover include:

  • Traps moisture leading to mold and mildew inside the unit
  • Creates a place for rodents and pests to nest in the winter
  • Moisture under the cover causes rust
  • Coils freeze from trapped cold and moisture

Is an HVAC cover the right choice for your system? It depends on many factors. Before deciding, talk to an HVAC professional for more information and guidance relative to your equipment. Reach out to the team at your local McCall’s dealer for the advice you need.