If I Hear Noises From My HVAC System, Does That Mean Repairs Are Needed?

If I Hear Noises From My HVAC System, Does That Mean Repairs Are Needed?

Have you just bought a new home and you’re hearing unfamiliar sounds?  Are you recently out on your own and hearing things you’ve never had to worry about before?  We’re here to help!

Okay Sounds

• Humming

• Air moving through vents

• A brief squeal or thump

Older models sometimes start up and turn off a little rusty, but it isn’t anything to worry about.

Bad Sounds

• A screech or squeal

These noises from a motor blowing could indicate a problem with the belt or motor, which is not usually an expensive repair.  It may need lubricant; just be sure it’s the right kind.

• Clanking, banging, thumping or rattling

This may indicate a problem with the blower assembly or the motor.  Rattling indicates something coming loose, whereas if it’s a louder sound something has already disconnected or broken off.

• “Thwap, thwap, thwap…”

When the blower is running and you hear a fast, repeated “thwap”, it may mean something is stuck in the blades or an item is making contact with the blades as it turns.  While this isn’t a critical issue, it can wear out the motor more quickly.

• “Click, click, click…”

If you’re hearing a clicking noise when the unit turns off and on, that’s normal.  But if you hear a constant clicking noise from the control panel or the compressor outside, something may be defective.

• A rattle from the unit located outside

The compressor unit has a fan.  When it turns on, it should not rattle.  If it does, there may be hardware that is loose or the motor may be failing.  If it sounds like a scream, the compressor may be failing.

All in all, really loud sounds aren’t a good sign and a reputable HVAC contractor should come over to look.  McCall’s Supply serves customers all around South Carolina and would be happy to help you find someone in your area.  Contact us today for more information.