How to Optimize Package Units for Customers’ Cooling and Heating

How to Optimize Package Units for Customers’ Cooling and Heating

Why are package units a good idea for cooling and heating in the Carolinas?

How to Optimize Package Units for Customers’ Cooling and Heating

Your customers love living in the South. It’s beautiful, the weather is great, the climate mild, and the houses are awesome. But Southern cooling and heating, especially in the Carolinas, can be a challenge. Helping your customers choose the right system is not always easy. But you can optimize package units to be the ultimate solution to all their heating and cooling needs.

Explaining a Package Unit

Southern cooling and heating is challenging for several reasons, one of which is space. In the South, houses tend to have limited space for big HVAC systems, so package systems are popular and effective. Customers don’t always see them that way, so you must explain. When doing an in-home estimate, for instance, take them out and show them just how compact a package unit will be versus the alternative. Let them see for themselves what kind of space you’re talking about, and it will feel more real to them.

Flexibility for Your Customers

Installation of a package unit for your cooling and heating customers is flexible, another selling point. Because they can be installed outside at ground level or on the roof, in a crawl space or even in an attic, a package unit can work with your customers’ homes, not against them. This flexibility makes it a great benefit for homeowners with fewer placement options.

Energy Efficiency = Cost Savings

The high energy efficiency ratings in most package systems means your customers will save money on their monthly energy bills for cooling and heating their homes. With summer in the South, having a cool house and saving money at the same time is a double bonus.

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