How to Keep Your Customers Cool with Thermostat Control

How to Keep Your Customers Cool with Thermostat Control

The importance of programmability in thermostats

How to Keep Your Customers Cool with Thermostat Control

With the summer season in full swing it’s also air conditioning season. It can be hard to maintain the right temperature while saving money and energy at the same time. What’s the answer? Programmable thermostats.

Here’s how you and your customers can keep your cool with thermostat control.

Easy is Essential

User-friendly thermostats are essential. No one wants anything that is too complicated or difficult to program. So keep it simple! It has to be easy to program. A large LCD display doesn’t hurt either, with on-screen display and easy navigation and programming to appeal to every user.

Flexibility is Key

A programmable thermostat needs to be truly programmable, not just able to set to night and day. Being able to set day and time specific personal comfort levels is really important. 7-day scheduling and flexible 5/1/1 schedules help homeowners use the right thermostat for their homes and their schedules.

Energy Savings Take the Cake

In order for a programmable thermostat to really have value, it actually has to be able to save energy and money. If used properly, programmable thermostats can provide up to 33% in energy savings. As that translates to money savings as well, that’s where the value really shines.

If you’re looking for the right upgrades for your customers it’s time to focus on the right thermostats. Installing them is just the start. Teaching them how to use them will make them a satisfied customer and will help you keep your cool. Want more information on the right programmable thermostats for your customers? Contact McCall’s today.