How to Get Customers the Right Thermostat with Their High Efficiency Heating and Cooling

How to Get Customers the Right Thermostat with Their High Efficiency Heating and Cooling

Why oh why don’t your customers understand the relationship between their high efficiency heating and cooling and their thermostats?

The right thermostat for high efficiency

With so many of your customers upgrading to high efficiency heating and cooling, why are they so resistant to spending a little bit extra on the right thermostat? What can you do to get them to include a smart thermostat? Here are some ideas:

New HVAC System? The Benefits Outweigh the Costs

It can be difficult to express to an average homeowner how beneficial a smart thermostat can be to the efficiency of their home’s heating and cooling. They just see dollar signs and that’s it, especially if they’re already in the process of buying a new system from you.

Try showing them the data. Smart thermostats can save homeowners up to 10% on their energy bills annually. If that’s just not enough for them, it’s probably time to help them understand how their new system was built to run with updated technology. In order for them to get the maximum value out of their new system, they need to match it with a new smart thermostat.

Old HVAC System? The Benefits Still Outweigh the Costs

Do you have a customer who has an older, but still relatively energy efficient unit, that needs a new thermostat? If you find they’re only leaning towards a basic model, you could best serve them by pointing out how much more new technology can get out of their older system. The benefits are numerous: energy savings, customizable heating and cooling, and remote access through Wi-Fi with certain models.

Don’t Let Them Get Overwhelmed by the Technology

The latest in thermostat technology can be somewhat of a showstopper for some customers. It’s just too intimidating. Don’t let them get overwhelmed! Be a good teacher and show them exactly how user-friendly these thermostats can be, and how their interfaces and programs have come such a long way in allowing easier customization of heating and cooling than ever before.

As a HVAC dealer or technician, it’s your job to help guide the customer in choosing the right systems for them, including thermostats. While it can sometimes be a challenge to help them see the way, having the right angle and perspective yourself can help them feel more comfortable with their choices.

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