How to Create the Perfect Balance: Cool Air and Cost Efficiency

How to Create the Perfect Balance: Cool Air and Cost Efficiency

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In the heat of summer, the last thing you want to cut back on to save money is your air conditioning. Can you create the perfect balance between cool air and cost efficiency? We think you can. Take a look at a few recommendations for keeping your house
both cool and cost-efficient.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat isn’t just a fancy version of your old manual set it and forget it model. The updated technology allows for customizing the way you
heat and cool your home. With programmability that lets you set your temperature for any time of day or night based on your lifestyle and preferences,
you can decide how much energy you use and when.

Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your AC needs attention as much as your car does, yet most people forget that regular maintenance can actually save you money. Routine maintenance keeps
your system running at peak performance, so it uses less energy and provides more consistent temperatures. It also saves you on the cost of potential
and avoidable repairs.

Control Your Humidity

In the south, we’re no strangers to humidity. A dehumidifier works right alongside your HVAC system to reduce the moisture in the air in your home. Less
humidity means your house feels cooler, so you need less air conditioning. This will save you significantly on your utility bills over time.

Everyone wants to make their homes as cost-efficient as possible, but no one wants to sacrifice the cool comfort that comes from air conditioning. And
you don’t have to. With some simple steps, you can find the balance between cool air and cost efficiency. Contact your local McCall’s Supply, Inc. dealer today to find out more.