How Important is a Heat Inspection for a Gas Heating System?

How Important is a Heat Inspection for a Gas Heating System?

Is your gas heating system ready for fall and winter?

Gas Heating System Prep for Winter

Fall is here! It’s the perfect time of year for heat inspections. For anyone that relies on a gas heating system to warm their home or business through the winter, it’s especially important.

But if your HVAC company has been hesitating to offer heat inspections to your customers, you could be missing out on a prime opportunity to provide them an important, money-saving service – that’ll also help make them loyal to you and trust you over your competitors.

Whether you’ve been hesitating because you’re not sure how to sell customers on a heat inspection or because you’re unconvinced that it’s going to make a difference, here’s some information on the importance of a heat inspection for any of your customers who are counting on gas heating systems.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

A gas heating system that is well maintained, cleaned, and properly adjusted will operate at a high level of efficiency. This will save your customers money on their heating bills. Not only that, but regular maintenance will help increase the life expectancy of their systems. Both of these also lead to cost savings for your customers.


Even more important to your customers is the safety of their homes. In a gas heating system, fuel is mixed with air that is then ignited to heat a sealed chamber. When air is blown across the surface of the heated chamber, it becomes heated and then is blown out through ducts and vents into your home to provide heat. Because of the fuel/air mixture, there is exhaust that has to be vented out of the home through flues and chimneys. Without proper inspection, there is no way to tell if those chimneys are in safe condition. If there is buildup or if the chimney or flu is damaged, it can create a dangerous situation.

Winter Prep

Besides cost savings and improving the safety of their homes, the next best reason for customers to consider a heat inspection is for system preparation for winter. It’s been a long summer, and their gas heating system has been hibernating all spring and summer. Before it gets cold, a heat inspection can deliver your customers peace of mind that their system won’t have any trouble delivering warm inside when the weather gets colder outside.

McCall’s is stocked and ready to help any dealers as you perform heat inspections for your customers. We have everything you need for any repairs or adjustments that your customers may require.