How Do I Know When I Need a New Air Conditioning System?

How Do I Know When I Need a New Air Conditioning System?

Arm yourself with the answers to some of the most common general service questions from HVAC customers.

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For the average homeowner general service questions can run the gamut from simple to downright complicated, but one of the most common questions from HVAC clients is always about how to know when they need to replace their air conditioning system. In our minds, this is an easy question, and here’s the information you can share with them:

Frequent Repairs

One of the signs a new air conditioning system could be a good idea is the need for frequent repairs. Do you find that your team is at the customer’s house repeatedly? Suggesting a new system could be the right move. Spending more and more on each subsequent repair doesn’t make for satisfied customers.

Instead of spending your time and their money on constant repairs for a string of problems and breakdowns, suggest they divert those funds to investing in a new system. While it may be more money up front, it will save them money on repairs in the long-term.

Old and Inefficient Equipment

Fixing an inefficient air conditioner can be as simple as updating outdated equipment. Your customer might think that if it’s not broken, why fix it? But you know the truth, and you can let them know their old equipment is not doing them any favors.

With the most recent energy standards, HVAC equipment is getting more and more efficient. If their equipment is old, they’re paying more for their air conditioning than they should. Translating their initial investment into long-term savings on their energy bills is something anyone can understand.

Do your customers feel stumped about all things HVAC? You’re the one who can answer all of their questions and make them feel confident in their decisions.

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