How a Programmable Thermostat Will Change Your Life!

How a Programmable Thermostat Will Change Your Life!

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Check out these and other product upgrade benefits to make a difference in your home comfort and budget.

Vastly improve home comfort and lower your energy costs without installing a brand new heating and cooling system by utilizing product upgrade benefits. Something as simple as a new humidifier can boost the effectiveness of your HVAC equipment enough to pay for itself. Wait until you see the benefits a programmable thermostat can provide.

Save up to 15 Percent on HVAC Costs

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, using your thermostat’s programmable features saves up to 15 percent of related energy costs. It’s easy to achieve when you schedule your heating and cooling operations around your daily timetable.

A programmable thermostat makes it easy for you to adjust the temperature based on your schedule. Turn the temperature down in winter whenever you’re likely to be gone. Do the opposite in the summer. Reducing the amount of time you heat and cool your home has a significant impact on your bills.

User-friendly Interfaces Make It Easy to Stay Comfortable

Have a day off? Change your heating and cooling schedule to fit your needs. New thermostats with user-friendly controls make it easy to make last-minute adjustments. Many are now Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control them from anywhere using a smartphone or other internet-ready device.

Not only do these features make it easier than ever to save on needlessly running your HVAC system, but it also ensures you’ll be more comfortable more of the time.

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