Home Sealing You Can Do to Keep the Cool Air In This Summer

Home Sealing You Can Do to Keep the Cool Air In This Summer

Do general service questions include tips for keeping your cool?

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Lots of homeowners have lots of general service questions when it comes to summer cooling. One of the most frequently asked is how to keep the cool air in. What you really need are some basic tips for summer sealing.

Windows and Doors

The most common place to find air leaks is around windows and doors. The good news is that sealing these areas is pretty simple and affordable.

Where windows and doors move you can add or update weather stripping to keep the cool air in. Where there are leaks around the edges and non-moving parts, caulking is the way to go to seal the leaks and fill the gaps.

Flooring and Wall Edges

In some homes there are gaps in construction that create leaks at floor and wall edges. You can have a home energy audit done on your home to identify these leaks or use a smoker pencil stick to test for leaks.

If you do find that there are leaks around the edges it’s easy to add simple caulk to stop the leaks and keep the cool air in and the warm air out.

Flues and Chimneys

It might surprise you to find out just how much air can leak out around your chimney and flues. Because of the space that’s required between wood framing and metal chimney flues there are often big gaps that create massive air leaks.

The simplest way to prevent leaks around your chimney is with aluminum flashing. You can have it cut to fit and installed with high-heat resistant caulk to keep it in place, and keep your cool air where you want it – in your home.

Don’t let all your cooled air out this summer. Some simple home sealing can help keep your cool air in and your energy bills down this summer.

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