Home Generators: Convenience vs. Cost

Home Generators: Convenience vs. Cost

Home generators are getting more and more popular and for a good reason. With climate change on the rise and weather getting more extreme every year, a backup system can make all the difference. But is the convenience of power during an outage worth the cost of purchase and installation? We’ve got the info you need to help you decide if a home generator is a good investment by comparing cost vs. convenience.

Home Generators: Cost

Even with the benefits a generator provides, cost can still be a stumbling block for some homeowners. Most whole home units range from $2,000 to $5,000. The bigger your home and the more power required, the larger the generator you’ll need and the higher the cost. Other considerations include the cost of installation and the cost of fuel, usually natural gas or propane. Is it worth it? Let’s look at the convenience factor.

Home Generators: Convenience

When the power is out, having a backup for electricity means more than just having the lights on. It means keeping your food cold and fresh, having heat and air conditioning to maintain a comfortable home, being able to continue to work through the outage, and having power to medical equipment and other necessities. Whole home generators are reliable, kicking in automatically when the power from the grid goes out, and running continuously until it’s back online, even when you’re not at home.

With crazy weather increasing every year and the chance of power outages that go along with that, many homeowners are finding that the expense of a generator is easily outweighed by the convenience and safety it provides. With a range of products and price ranges, your local HVAC company can help you find the home generator right for your home and family. Reach out to your local McCall’s team today to find out more.