Get Your Ducts in A Row: How to Prepare Your HVAC for a Hurricane

Get Your Ducts in A Row: How to Prepare Your HVAC for a Hurricane

People prepare for hurricanes in many ways, but did you know you also need to prep your HVAC? In addition to stocking up on bottled water and toilet paper, there are some steps you should take to ensure your heating and air conditioning system avoids damage should you be in the path of a hurricane. Here’s how to get your ducts in a row.

Elevate Your Equipment

Raising the equipment will protect it from rising waters and potential flood damage. This is especially important for your outdoor cooling unit. Be sure it sits on an elevated concrete pad. An HVAC company can install a new system properly on the right type of pad or elevate an older system to protect it from the storm.

Power Down

Turn off the power to your heating and cooling system before the storm hits. This will prevent electrical damage should there be an electrical surge due to lightning. Additionally, it will help avoid damage to the fan and fan blades resulting from storm debris.

After the Storm

After the storm, the best way to make sure your system is still in working order is with a maintenance call from your HVAC company. They can check for damage and make sure everything is still functioning as it should.

When you live in hurricane country, you usually know what to expect and how to prepare. Many homeowners forget to also prep their HVAC system. For help with your heating and air conditioning before and after the storm, contact your local McCall’s Supply, Inc. dealer.