Get Ready for Winter with a Pre-Season Heater Check

Get Ready for Winter with a Pre-Season Heater Check

McCalls Technicians

General HVAC service questions that come to McCall’s dealers this time of year always include ones regarding
general maintenance. Here’s your answer on how to get ready for winter with a pre-season heater check.

Change Your Air Filter

You should change your air filter every three to six months minimum, but before changing from AC to heat, it’s critical to have a clean filter. Change
your filter as part of your pre-season maintenance.

Check and Clean the Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger requires cleaning and inspection before turning on the heat when the weather gets cold. Ensure there isn’t any dust or debris present
and check for any cracks that could lead to a carbon monoxide leak.

Clean the Blower Motor

Cleaning the blower motor will ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the winter months. If it needs lubrication, now’s the time to make sure
the moving parts have the lubrication they need to run without a hitch.

Inspect the Igniter Switch or Pilot Light

Depending on the type of system you have, the igniter switch or the pilot light is responsible for igniting your heating system. If the ignitor fails,
you won’t have heat to warm your house. Inspecting the switch or pilot light is an important step in pre-season heater checks.

Call in a Professional

Except for changing the air filter, an HVAC technician should complete all of the steps that are part of a proper pre-season heater check. To get the most
out of your heater this winter, contact your local McCall’s Supply, Inc. dealer for a pre-season check.