Fall is Here: Can Leaves Negatively Affect My HVAC?

Your heating and air conditioning system might get a little break during the delightful autumn days when it’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold. But what about those fall leaves? Could they negatively affect your HVAC? We have the information you need.

How Do They Reach the HVAC?

Most heating and cooling systems have outdoor components. When the leaves start to fall, they often end up on top of and around those HVAC components. The leaves can get inside the system and cause damage to the fan, the motor, and the compressor, leading to breakdowns and functional issues. It can even lead to a shortened lifespan for the equipment.

Preventing Damage from Leaves

Besides cutting down your trees, there are other ways to avoid damage to your HVAC system from fall leaves. They include:

  • Keeping the equipment clear of the leaves and other debris regularly throughout the fall season
  • Remove debris from inside the unit, but be sure to shut the power off first
  • Trim trees and bushes that are near the HVAC unit to help keep it out of the equipment
  • Schedule regular maintenance to be sure the system is clean and operating as it should

Many things that can damage your HVAC system, but most homeowners don’t consider the risks of fall leaves. It’s easy to keep the outdoor unit clear, but if there’s already debris inside the equipment, it’s critical to remove it. For the best HVAC service to ensure your system is clean and functioning right, schedule a service with your local McCall’s Supply, Inc.