Explaining the Benefits of Gas Heating Systems to Your Customers

Explaining the Benefits of Gas Heating Systems to Your Customers

Showing your customers the benefits of gas heating systems.

Explaining the Benefits of Gas Heating Systems to Your Customers

The internet has changed the game when it comes to homeowners and their HVAC systems. The vast majority of customers are doing a lot of research online before making any big purchase, especially one like a new heating system.

So when it comes to discussing a gas heating system with your customers or on your website, you can’t rely on simply, “Gas is the best!” Your customers are going to want more explanation than that – especially when they see the costs of this new system.

So how can you convince your customers that it’s worth the investment and that gas really is best? Here are several benefits that you can highlight to your customers:

1. It lowers your utility bills.

Although the cost of purchasing and installing a gas heating system can be larger than customers expect, tell them to consider it an investment in lower costs down the road. Gas heating systems are 30-50% cheaper to use than oil heat, in large part because gas heats air to a higher temperature using less energy. This also makes gas heating systems more energy efficient and budget-friendly.

Nor is this a rare commodity. Natural gas runs underground and is available in most communities – in fact, about 70% of homes in America run on gas heat.

2. It’s easier and takes less time than you think to recoup your initial costs.

Because of the money saved by using a gas heating system, most customers will recoup the cost of the new equipment within 5 years, on average. But these over-time savings on utility bills are not the only place you can recover your investment.

Many gas utility companies offer homeowners rebates for switching to gas, for instance. And if that’s not enough, let your customers know that the average lifespan of a gas heating system is twice that of most other heating systems. When your customer is shopping for a new system, knowing they won’t have to shop for one again for a long time is a huge incentive.

3. It’s much better for the environment.

With more of a cultural push to make environmentally-friendly decisions, a lot of people are looking for “greener” options – and, as it turns out, natural gas is much better for the planet.

The byproducts from gas heating systems are small amounts of carbon dioxide (23% less than oil heat) and water vapor. Of any home heating fuel, natural gas emissions are the most environmentally friendly.

4. It’s got technology that make your life easier.

If your customers are concerned about the old “pilot light going out in the middle of the night” scenario, let them know about the new technology in gas heating systems, including pilot-less ignition.

You should also talk to your customers are incorporating a smart thermostat in their new system. By doing so, they use zone heating, which lets them heat when they need to and not when they don’t. This also allows them to personalize their home comfort levels by room and area.

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