Everything Your Customers Need to Know About Humidifiers in Their Heating and Cooling Systems

Information on humidifiers in your customers’ heating and cooling systems.

Everything Your Customers Need to Know About Humidifiers in Their Heating and Cooling Systems

Humidifiers are a huge benefit to most homes and the most effective are integrated into heating and cooling systems. Having a hard time convincing your customers of the benefits? Here is everything your customers need to know about humidifiers in their heating and cooling systems.


Generally speaking, whole-house humidifiers are maintenance free. They are integrated into home heating and cooling systems and require very little attention and practically no maintenance.


Unlike portable humidifiers, whole-house humidifiers do not need to be filled. They feed off of the water supply in the house. As a result, they never need to be filled, and your customers never need to worry about them running dry.

Easily Regulated

Because home humidifiers are integrated into the heating and cooling system in your customer’s home, they run off of the regulating thermostat. This way it’s easy to keep their home at an optimal 30-50% relative humidity.


Whole-home humidifiers are really inexpensive to run. Because they are an all-in-one unit with the heating and cooling system, the cost is minimal, generally only pennies a year. They’re also nearly soundless, so they don’t add any additional noise to their home environment.

The comfort level of a home is not only determined by temperature but also by relative humidity. Integrating a home humidifier into a heating and cooling system is an easy way to save money and create a comfortable environment without adding a lot of additional cost or labor. Once your customers understand how easy it is to incorporate a humidifier, they may just be a lot less resistant to the idea.

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