Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Air Cleaner and Air Quality Technology

What do you really need to know about air cleaners and air quality?

Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Air Cleaner and Air Quality Technology

The primary purpose of air cleaners is to improve air quality. There are many different technologies available in air quality improvement, but the goal of any air cleaner is to remove the particles in the air that compromise indoor air quality.

Here is everything you must know about the latest air cleaner and air quality technology:

Filters are central.

These filter-type cleaners are installed between the furnace and the air return duct. They improve air quality by removing particles in the air, such as dust and dirt, before they go into the HVAC system. They also act to protect the furnace by preventing those particles from building up. The filters in these air cleaners are often made of cotton, foam, synthetic material or fiberglass.

A HEPA filter is best.

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA filters work to improve air quality by filtering particulates out of the air. These filters improve air quality when installed and maintained within the home’s HVAC system.

Electronic air cleaners work like magnets.

Electronic air cleaners are whole-house systems that improve the air quality by removing pollutants including mold, pet dander, smoke and dust. The electronic air cleaner creates a charge on airborne particles, which makes it possible to collect them. This system works much like a magnet, attracting and capturing the air pollutants and improving indoor air quality.

There are a lot of different air cleaners on the market that promise to improve air quality. Understanding the latest technology can help clear the air on the differences between the different types of air cleaners available.

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