Do I Really Need a Fall Maintenance Visit?

Do I Really Need a Fall Maintenance Visit?

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One of the most common general HVAC service questions always comes at the end of summer.

What’s the general HVAC service question heating and cooling companies hear the most at the end of summer? The most common question is whether or not customers really need a fall maintenance visit. Want to know the answer? Read on to find out why it’s always “yes.”

Save Energy

As your HVAC system works throughout the year, things can get dirty, and lubrication can wear out. Some parts and components can also begin to show wear and tear. When this happens, your system has to work overtime to compensate. Regular fall maintenance means a tech addresses these issues so your system uses less energy, saving you money on your monthly utility bills.

Reduce Repair Costs

HVAC systems require the most repairs when they go untreated. Parts wear out, the equipment gets dirty, and minor issues can become big problems. Regular maintenance, once in the spring and once in the fall, can prevent costly repairs down the road.

Prep for Winter Weather

Your system has been busy keeping your house cool all summer. When fall hits, you want it to be ready for winter heating season. Instead of facing a malfunctioning furnace in the middle of a cold winter night, fall maintenance can ensure your system is running right. Cleaning, calibrating, inspecting, and adjusting the thermostat and the HVAC units will make sure you stay warm, and your heating system stays problem-free, all winter long.

Are you considering skipping fall HVAC maintenance? There are so many reasons not to. Talk to the pros at your local McCall’s dealer to find out more about this and any other general HVAC service questions.