Deciding on a Maintenance Plan for Your Heating and Cooling System

Deciding on a Maintenance Plan for Your Heating and Cooling System

Why is a maintenance plan for a package heating and cooling system a great idea?

HVAC Maintenance

When looking at different heating and cooling systems in the South, it’s easy to get caught up in your options: package units or split systems? Air conditioner and gas furnace or a heat pump?

While your HVAC dealer will walk you through your options and help match you with the best system for your home, don’t think that this is a one-and-done decision. Once you purchase and install your new HVAC system, you’ll want to protect it for years to come with a maintenance plan.

If your head is still spinning from the investment in your new system, however, you may hesitate to make a further investment. After all, isn’t your system new? Why should you get a maintenance plan?

Maintenance Plans Help Homeowners Protect Their Investment

In general, it’s actually a great idea to have a maintenance plan on all things mechanical. With lots of moving parts, sometimes things can go awry. You want to be ready, and we can understand that.

When you’re working with a reliable HVAC company, it seems they always offer preventative maintenance plans for whatever heating and cooling system you happen to have. These plans are meant to help protect you and your HVAC investment should something go wrong. But that’s not the only benefit.

The primary benefit of a maintenance plan is to prevent trouble from happening in the first place. Heating and cooling systems are expected to run smoothly for the life of the unit; however, we all know that doesn’t happen. So how can you avoid issues and breakdowns?

A preventative maintenance plan will not only allow a qualified HVAC professional to inspect your system and identify any potential issues before they become big problems, but it also allows for regular tune-up and adjustments. These adjustments of your unit make sure that it’s running both effectively and efficiently. This is another great way to extend the life of your heating and cooling system.

McCall’s has dealers all over the region who would love to set you up with a preventative maintenance plan for your heating and cooling system. Find one in your area today here.