Controlled Comfort with Your Summer to Fall HVAC Transition

Controlled Comfort with Your Summer to Fall HVAC Transition

HVAC Transition

Are you ready to switch your HVAC system from summer to fall? When we move from season
to season, we go from hot and humid to cool and crisp. Here’s how to transition your HVAC system without giving up your controlled comfort.

Update Your Thermostat’s Programming

Your smart thermostat is probably cooling your home, 24/7 in the summer months. As the weather gets cooler, it’s time to change the settings so your house
stays nice and comfy. Consider programming that works for the fall weather specifically. It’s easy to change the programming again when the weather
cools off even more for winter. Keep in mind days and times you’re home and when you’re away, what temperature is most comfortable for different times
of day, and specific programming if you’re away from home for more than a day or two.

Schedule Fall Maintenance

Nothing gets your HVAC system ready for fall better than fall maintenance. Tuning up your furnace or heating system will prep it so it’s ready when you
turn your thermostat from AC to heat. An HVAC technician will test the pilot and ignition, the venting and flue, all moving parts, and will lubricate,
calibrate, and test the system to make sure you won’t face issues or breakdowns.

Fall means switching from iced coffee to spiced lattes, t-shirts to sweaters, and air conditioning to heat. Is your HVAC system ready to make a smooth
transition from summer to fall without you sacrificing comfort? The team at your local McCall’s Supply, Inc. dealer can help. Reach out online today to schedule a service call to prep your HVAC for fall.