Considering Selling Home Generators? What You Need to Know

Considering Selling Home Generators? What You Need to Know

Why heating and cooling shouldn’t be without a backup.

Home Generators

Are you trying to help your customers as they are considering the importance of a home generator? We will break down exactly why everyone should have one and in what situations they will be glad they have one. Here’s some information you can use to help them decide.

Do They Have a Plan for Long-Term Blackouts?

Most of us have experienced a power outage or a blackout for a few minutes or hours – nothing too bad, right? But do your customers have a backup plan if their power gets knocked out for days or weeks? The Southeast may have mild winters, but the winter storms we do get (like the polar vortices of 2014) can take utility companies off guard. If your customers end up being in the areas without power for days or weeks, a backup generator can make sure that the lights and heat stay on.

Storms, Baby. Lots of Storms

The extreme storms of recent years have shown us that Mother Nature really has no mercy. She is strong, and she pretty much always wins. With the winter storms last year leaving people in the northern states without power for up to 6 or 7 days, we can see the importance of home generators. With ice and snow and extreme temperatures, those without a generator were forced to leave their homes for their own safety. Temperatures in the South usually don’t border on the extreme cold of the North, but our winters are still cold enough to be dangerous if you are counting on a heating and cooling system and it isn’t working.

Permanent Peace of Mind

A standby home generator is much more effective than a portable generator. They’re installed outside the home and can provide continuous backup power for days to ensure no loss of electricity, as well as heating and cooling systems.

Help your customers realize the peace of mind that comes with generators. Encourage them to not take chances with their heating and cooling systems this winter. As the temperatures drop, the need for reliable heat goes up. If there are ice storms or other unpredictable events, they will want the security of a home generator.

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