Completely Change Your Home Heating with a Zone Control System

Completely Change Your Home Heating with a Zone Control System

Zone Control System

Have you been looking at the pros and cons of adding zoning to your HVAC system and wondering about the product upgrade benefits? You’ve come to the right place. Take a look at how you can completely change your home heating with a
zone control system.

The Basics of Zoning

A zoned heating system uses different areas of your home and breaks them into zones. Each zone has its own thermostat and control over the heat and temperature.
One option is to break your house into two main zones, the main level and the upper level, or you can create more zones including bedrooms, offices,
and dens.

The Benefits of Zoning

A zoned system’s primary benefit is greater control over the temperatures in the different rooms in your house. It can reduce hot and cold spots and make
the temperature in your home more consistent. It can also give you control over rooms that you use more or less than other areas.

The Biggest Changes

The changes you’re most likely to notice from a zoned system include greater comfort throughout your home and temperatures set based on personal preference.
You’ll also notice cost savings on your energy bills. By customizing your heat, you’ll use less energy and spend less to heat your home during the

Does this sound like a great solution for your home and HVAC system? For more information on how a zone control system can change your home heating, contact
the experts at your local McCall’s Supply, Inc. dealer today.