Briggs & Stratton Whole House Generator Training Session

Briggs & Stratton Whole House Generator Training Session

Recently at McCall’s, we hosted a training session put on by Briggs & Stratton, which focused on the RUUD Whole House Generator.

The class itself was really about the dealers. This was their opportunity to earn the right to cash in on the labor portion of the unit warranty, such as travel and labor allowance for any “under warranty” work that they perform, not just on Ruud units, but on any unit manufactured by Briggs & Stratton. This also gives them an advantage against some other manufacturer’s labor portion of their warranties.

They were given an excellent reference tool in the binders that were handed out at the class which contains installation tips, product specifications, features and benefits, etc. During the class, there were segments that were designed to help the dealer become familiar with the Ruud generator product and how to make comparisons to other leading manufacturers. Unique features such as the wireless status panel, the ability of the smaller units to run an entire house along with multiple air conditioning units, automatic fire safety devices that allow for closer installations – these are but a few examples of how the Ruud units offer unique opportunities for dealers to compete and be the “Professional Generator Dealer” that homeowners expect to see when making this type of purchase.

There was a “hands on” segment where the unit was taken apart and diagnostics were discussed, along with how to interpret the fault codes and what the common causes might be and how to correct them. Bill also addressed the need for certain diagnostic tools and tutorials on how to effectively use them. Several discussions centered around education – how and when to educate the homeowners on generator use and ownership.

Check out some pictures from the session below!