Apply These 3 Easy Techniques to Improve Your Heating and Cooling Business

Simple but often overlooked tips for heating and cooling business growth. 

3 Easy Techniques to Improve Your Heating and Cooling Business
So you’re in the heating and cooling business, eh? It can be a tough gig! But it can also be a profitable one, if you do it right. Often the simplest ways to improve your business are often the ones most overlooked. Here are 3 easy techniques you can use to improve your heating and cooling business. 
1. Customer Service is King

All businesses should be focused on customer service, but sometimes in the heating and cooling business it can get overlooked. The work takes the focus and customer satisfaction falls to the wayside. Follow up with your customers after an inquiry, service call, sale, or installation. Find out how they feel about the service and ask if there is anything else you can do for them. Make sure they don’t think of you as a “one and done” call.
2. Stay in Touch

Not only is customer service important to your heating and cooling business; staying in touch can reap huge rewards. Send out promotions and newsletters. Get on an automated system to remember birthdays, holidays, special events, etc., and send out a card or email. Include a coupon. They may not need anything right now, but their sister/brother/cousin/neighbor/boss/friend just might. 
3. Upgrade and Upsell

Train every employee how to sell, in some capacity. The value of upselling and upgrading is huge, and everyone in your heating and cooling business that any customer or potential customer comes in contact with should be able to identify a need and make a recommendation or suggestion that could result in additional sales or services. 
There are many ways to improve your heating and cooling business. Be honest, reliable, trustworthy, and offer great customer service. That’s just a start. Find out how to join a great team, and become a McCall’s dealer today.