5 Ways to Make Your Commercial HVAC More Efficient

5 Ways to Make Your Commercial HVAC More Efficient

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Improving your commercial HVAC unit’s energy efficiency with the use of product upgrade benefits is always nice. But gaining an increase in energy efficiency doesn’t require the purchase of a brand new product. Below is a list of five ways you can make your commercial HVAC more efficient:

#1 Obtain an Energy Audit

For an energy audit, a building expert will come to your home and assess how a building uses energy, including how well the HVAC system works. An energy audit can find examples of where an appliance, such as an HVAC unit, can use less energy. The audit can also find situations where the building itself is not taking full advantage of what the HVAC system is providing, thanks to issues like air leaks.

#2 Use a Smart Thermostat

The newest thermostats on the market today have special features that allow for improved energy usage. For instance, the smart thermostat will notice when you aren’t using the HVAC system most efficiently, gently inform you of this fact and even tell you how to fix it.

#3 Receive Regular Maintenance

Just because an air conditioner or heater is working, that doesn’t mean it’s working efficiently. Also, even if everything seems to operate normally, your HVAC system could have a component that’s close to failing. With regular maintenance, you can identify these potential points of failure and inefficiency.

#4 Block the Sun

The sun is hot, and so are the rays that make their way through your building’s windows. Avoid extra heat from the sun by putting up shades, blinds or curtains on windows that receive a significant amount of sunlight each day.

#5 Use an Economizer

An economizer is a feature of HVAC systems that will determine if the temperature outside is cooler than the air inside. If this is the case, it will use the outside cool air to help cool the inside of the building without having to run the air conditioner. This can save a tremendous amount of energy in the summer time.

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