5 Secrets of HVAC Maintenance That Everyone Misses

5 Secrets of HVAC Maintenance That Everyone Misses

When searching for the answers to general HVAC service questions, there are certain tips that most people miss. While most homeowners know about changing air filters and having an annual or twice-yearly inspection and tune-up, other recommended tasks for good HVAC maintenance often go ignored.

Do It Yourself

To help you out, we have compiled the secrets of HVAC maintenance you need to know. These expert tips will ensure your unit runs smoothly and small issues don’t become big problems:

Rinse your condenser unit with running water from your garden hose (using no nozzle attachments), as needed to clear it of debris, dust, pollen and dirt.

Ensure two feet of cleared area around your outdoor unit. This will promote good air flow and reduce the dirt on your unit.

Clean the condensate drain line every quarter. To do this, pour a solution of one cup of bleach to three cups of water into the condensate drain tube. This inhibits the growth of algae and clears it of debris.

Regularly check refrigerant levels. If the level is low, contact your HVAC service provider to take care of it.

Do a visual check of your indoor and outdoor unit weekly or bi-weekly, especially when your system is getting heavy use. This can alert you to any issues that may cause bigger problems, such as leaks, frozen coils or a dirty unit.

Trust the Pros

Your HVAC system is one of the biggest investments in your home. It gets near-constant use. Care for it properly for a longer life. For any concerns about your HVAC unit or to get answers to general HVAC service questions, contact our team at McCall’s Supply today.