5 Reasons to Partner with McCall’s

5 Reasons to Partner with McCall’s

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Have you been considering the benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer? Every HVAC contractor wants to provide customers with the best service at the best
price. When you partner with McCall’s Supply, we can help you do just that. Here are five benefits
you should consider.

#1 We’ve Been in Business More Than 50 Years

We have been serving the heating and cooling needs of customers in the southeast since 1969. We have grown to 19 locations across South Carolina, North
Carolina, and Georgia.

#2 Best Products at Wholesale Prices

As a McCall’s dealer, you have access to the best products in the HVAC industry. And your customers will benefit as well since you’ll be able to get those
products at wholesale prices.

#3 The McCall’s Name and Reputation

You’ll be able to use our name and the excellent reputation that goes along with it. Both our dealers and customers recognize the McCall’s Supply name
as one that instills trust.

#4 Education and Training

When you join with us, we provide access to updated training and education on the latest products and technologies, so you can offer your customers the
most modern products our industry has to offer.

#5 After Hours

We know that emergencies don’t always happen during the workday. Our partners have access to extended hours to meet the needs of their customers whenever
an emergency happens.

Let us help you grow and develop your HVAC business in your community. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of becoming a McCall’s Dealer.