4 Ways Your technicians can be your company’s greatest asset

4 Ways Your technicians can be your company’s greatest asset

Nothing is more valuable than a good technician. That’s why we’re giving a nod to the hardworking HVAC techs out there. If you’re an HVAC dealer, chances are you can relate, here are just some of the reasons we love the diligent technicians of the world, and how they can be a company’s greatest asset.

They are the face of the company

There may not be much glamour in working as an HVAC tech, yet they are the feet on the ground, so to speak. As the first (and often the only) person a customer meets, they have to simultaneously convey a friendly and professional attitude while hurrying to troubleshoot and repair. Any repeat clients are a sign that the tech accomplished all of those things.

Extreme Conditions

An HVAC tech’s busiest time of year is when the rest of us are either shivering or sweating in misery. While an hour of discomfort puts many of us on edge, technicians work tirelessly during the sweltering heat or blistering cold to restore our comfort. As an HVAC dealer, it’s unlikely you’ll have to contend with any complaints about the work environment.

Handling Stress Like a Pro

As we shake our heads in distress, HVAC techs must maintain their composure and strive to find a solution to what may appear to be impossible.

They’ll Go The Distance

Everywhere from crawl spaces to attics is fair game for an HVAC tech. Even as we expect them to wade through pests, cobwebs, dust and dirt, we also expect a fair bit of contortionist tricks.

Whether you’re struggling to motivate your team or you’ve already wrangled some top technicians, the key to your company’s success is in finding the right techs to do the job. For other helpful tips for growing your HVAC business, contact our team at McCall’s Supply, Inc.