4 Ways Product Delivery Service Can Make Your Business More Efficient

4 Ways Product Delivery Service Can Make Your Business More Efficient

What are the biggest benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer?

Product Delivery

Access to trustworthy products from a popular HVAC brand, assistance with certification, and product delivery are some of the biggest benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer. The connection to Ruud alone can boost your business. Reach a wider clientele, raise your rates, and have happier customers by taking the leap today.

Here are just a few of the advantages you’ll get by joining:

  • Wide-spread support: McCall’s has 18 locations. The company is based mainly in South Carolina, but there are a few locations in North Carolina and one in Savannah, GA, as well. This wide geographical base makes it possible for you to get the supplies you need quickly. You won’t have to make a four-hour trip for one component or wait two weeks for a warehouse to locate and ship your goods. This is a convenience you can pass directly onto your customers and use as a selling point when comparing your business to the competition.
  • Industry-leading products:McCall’s Supply, Inc., is an authorized dealer for Ruud HVAC equipment, one of the industry’s top manufacturers. You’ll have easy access to a wider range of quality units that carry a familiar name your clients will trust.
  • Access to DesignStar: Ruud wants you to be as successful, and to help make that happen, they’ve created an online suite of tools focused on streamlining sales. In a few keystrokes, you can put your client’s information into the system and build a professional presentation on how different equipment designs will impact their comfort and monthly costs. These tools help presell, especially when they’re integrated with your website. However, they go a long way in establishing trustworthiness with customers too.

Becoming a McCall’s dealer can revitalize your business, so contact us to learn more today.