4 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your HVAC Unit

4 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your HVAC Unit

Do you know the most common HVAC replacement signs? Your heating and air conditioning equipment will often give you clear signals that it’s about to kick the bucket. We’ve got a shortlist of four signs it’s time to replace your HVAC unit.

#1: The Age of the Equipment

Most HVAC equipment has a life expectancy of around ten years, so if yours is older, it’s probably pushing the boundaries of its useful life. Before it gives out unexpectedly, now is the perfect time to start thinking about a new system and what would work best for your home.

#2: Repair Costs and More Repair Costs

If you’ve spent money on HVAC repairs more than once in the last year, it’s a clear HVAC replacement sign. However, outside of regular maintenance, you shouldn’t be spending a lot of money on repairs if your system is functioning as it should.

#3: Inconsistent Temperatures

Is your HVAC system keeping up with demand? If you find your home isn’t always as comfortable as you’d like and the temperatures are inconsistent, that’s a sign your heating and cooling systems aren’t working as they should. Replacing your AC unit or your heating system are potentially the best way to resolve the issue.

#4: Weird Sounds and Smells

If your heating and cooling system consistently make unusual noises or emit odd smells, that’s not a good sign. If repair hasn’t resolved the issue, it’s time to look at what a new system could mean for you and your home.

Your heating and air conditioning equipment should keep your home comfortable year-round with minimal service and repair. If it’s no longer doing its job and it’s giving you some of these HVAC replacement signs, don’t wait to call in a professional. Contact your local McCall’s dealer for everything you need to know about replacing your old system.