4 Irresistible Selling Points of a Whole Home Air Filter

4 Irresistible Selling Points of a Whole Home Air Filter

What are the best points to make when selling a whole home air filter to a homeowner?

4 Irresistible Selling Points of a Whole Home Air Filter

With houses sealed up more than ever for improved energy efficiency, homeowners are suffering more from poor indoor air quality, which can often be worse than outdoor air quality. But many homeowners are often still reluctant to invest in air cleaners.
Help them overcome their hesitation with the right argument. So here we present you with four irresistible selling points of a whole home air filter:

1. Flexibility

Whole home air filters come in a variety of sizes to fit most home’s installation restrictions. They also vary by type and are priced to fit nearly any budget.

2. Ease of Use

Most home air filter systems function in conjunction with the home’s current heating and cooling system with relatively easy installation.

3. Maintenance

Most of the whole home air filters on the market today require very little maintenance. Changing or cleaning the filter is usually easy and quick.

4. Improved Air Quality

The air quality in most homes can be compromised, for several reasons. For instance, closed-up homes and energy-efficient systems keep the indoor air indoors, meaning that stale air is circulating through your home. Or it could be that irritants such as pollen, bacteria, dirt, dust, pet hair, pet dander, and outdoor air pollutants make their way indoors.

Without an air filter, many people suffer health-related symptoms resulting from this poor air quality, including allergy flare-ups, itchy eyes, runny nose, stuffy sinuses, and even respiratory ailments like asthma. A whole home air filter can remove these bothersome particles and irritants from the air creating a healthier home environment.

Don’t let your customers’ objections get in the way of improving their indoor air quality. Use these selling points to educate them on the benefits of a whole home air filter.

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