4 Certifications Your HVAC Crew Should Have

4 Certifications Your HVAC Crew Should Have

HVAC Certification

An easy and prominent way to improve your HVAC business relates to the certifications your HVAC technicians receive. Even if these certifications are optional, they can serve as a great marketing tool and expand the amount of work your crew can take on. Here are the four certifications your tech should have:

1. EPA Section 608 Certification

If an HVAC technician must work with refrigerant (such as R-22), the Environmental Protection Agency requires they have the necessary EPA Section 608 certification. There are three types of certifications that allow technicians to deal with various types of refrigerant, while the fourth type of certification allows the technician to handle any refrigerant.

2. HVAC Excellence Certification

There are two types of HVAC Excellence certifications, each of which tells others that the certification holder possesses a certain amount of HVAC knowledge and experience.

The first type of certification is the professional level, which requires two years of relevant experience and passage of a written exam. The second type of certification is the master specialist level, which requires three years of experience and passing of a written exam.

3. NATE Certification

Those looking for a nationally recognized certification should start with the NATE, or North American Technician Excellence certification. The NATE certification, like the others listed here, is optional for HVAC professionals but shows that the NATE certification holder knows a certain amount of HVAC knowledge. The NATE certification is available to individuals who pass a written exam.

4. State Certifications

Many states do not require individuals to have a special HVAC license or certification to work in the field. However, some states do, so it is necessary for HVAC technicians who work on HVAC systems possess the relevant state certification.

Identifying certifications for HVAC technicians isn’t the only way to find out how to improve your HVAC business. To learn about other ways, consider contacting our team at McCall’s Supply, Inc. when you have a moment.