3 Ways You’ll Get More Leads by Being a McCall’s Dealer

3 Ways You’ll Get More Leads by Being a McCall’s Dealer

What benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer can make a difference to my business?

McCalls Storefront and Service Truck

You might be wondering about the benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer and if we can really help you and your business right now. One of the most important ways to help your business thrive and grow is with effective lead generation. McCall’s is here for you. Here’s how:

1. The McCall’s Team Helps You Grow

One of the best ways to get leads is by being part of a recognized brand. McCall’s has been in business for more than 45 years and has locations in three states. Joining the McCall’s team automatically puts you in front of the customer base McCall’s has worked so hard to build over the years through excellent customer service and service to their dealers. The brand alone will help you generate leads simply because of recognition and reputation.

2. McCall’s Contact List Makes You Easy to Find

If you’re a McCall’s dealer you will automatically be put in their database for customers. If a customer searches for a dealer in their area, and you’re in their area, they’re going to find you. You don’t have to do anything for that lead except be a McCall’s dealer.

3. The DesignStar System Helps You Generate Leads

McCall’s dealers have access to the DesignStar system which provides the tools your business needs to help you succeed. These tools include a lead generator built right into your website. Finding new ways to reach your customers, and potential customers, can make the difference between failure and success. Sales leads are the key to sale closes. Having a tool at your fingertips is one of the best benefits to joining the McCall’s team.

To hear about the other benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer, contact us today!