3 Ways to Stay Warm While Waiting for Your HVAC Tech

3 Ways to Stay Warm While Waiting for Your HVAC Tech

HVAC Troubleshooting
General HVAC service questions come in all shapes and sizes. But when your heat is out and you’re waiting for your HVAC tech to arrive, instead of shivering, do some simple troubleshooting to help you stay warm. Here are some simple things you can look at to help fix the problem, or avoid it in the future:

#1: Check the Air Filter

A dirty air filter can make your heating system cycle on and off, causing it to work harder than it should, and potentially leading to damage to the system itself. The air filter’s primary job is to protect the heating system from dust, dirt, and debris that could otherwise get into the moving parts and damage the equipment. If the filter is dirty, your heat won’t function properly.

#2: Check the Pilot Light

If your system uses gas, there’s a pilot light that ignites it when the heat needs to go on. If the pilot light is off, ignition won’t happen and your heat won’t work. Check to be sure the pilot light is on. The HVAC tech can check it further to be sure it’s clean and functioning as it should.

#3: Don’t Forget About the Thermostat

This seems like a simple solution, but it’s possible the thermostat has incorrect settings or improper functioning. Check to make sure the settings are correct and it’s getting power. If it needs calibration, the tech can do that when they arrive. But check it in the meantime, as it could be the root of the problem.

Winter’s here, and so is the cooler weather, but you don’t need to freeze just because you have an issue with your heating system. Contact the team at your closest McCall’s dealer for heating issues and any other general HVAC service questions.