3 Ways to Prepare Your Home Furnace for Winter

It may still be summer, but it’s not too early to begin thinking about how to prepare your home furnace for winter. Taking a proactive approach to your HVAC care and maintenance is the best way to keep it running optimally from season to season. Here are three ways you can prep the furnace, so it is ready to go on that first chilly night.

#1: Change the Air Filter

A good rule of thumb is to change your HVAC air filter every three to six months. It’s especially important to replace it when transitioning from AC to the furnace. A fresh, clean filter will ensure your furnace can circulate the warm comfort you need when you need it.

#2: Inspect the Pilot Light or Igniter Switch

Depending on the type of furnace you have, either the pilot light or the igniter switch is responsible for igniting the furnace when you switch from AC to heat. If the ignitor or pilot light malfunctions, there will be no warm air. By inspecting the component before you need the heat, you can prevent an emergency furnace repair on a cold night.

#3: Schedule Preventative Maintenance

To cover all the steps of proper furnace preparation, schedule preventative maintenance with a trusted HVAC company. The experts know exactly what to do to inspect, clean, tune up, and test all the furnace components, so everything works perfectly when it’s go-time.  The time is near to prepare your home furnace for winter. Reach out to your local McCall’s Supply, Inc., dealer for a pre-winter furnace checkup and expert preventative maintenance.