3 Ways to Boost Efficiency with an Energy Audit

3 Ways to Boost Efficiency with an Energy Audit


Did you know product upgrade benefits are capable of extending the life of HVAC equipment and improving performance? An energy audit will identify the ways a system is struggling. It’s the first step in improving a home’s comfort while shrinking heating and cooling bills. For such an affordable cost, an audit has the potential for tremendous returns.

Here are three ways to put an audit to work for customers:

1. Identify air leaks.

Air drafts disrupt the comfort control in the home. These streaks of outside air filter in heat and cold from the outdoors. This makes the HVAC system work harder to keep the home at the desired temperature. It burns excess fuel and causes premature wear on heating and cooling equipment. An energy audit determines exactly where these drafts are coming from and identifies the best way to stop them.

2. Assess the thermostat.

Did you know 90 percent of homeowners don’t know how to use their thermostat features? Programming changes go a long way in keeping HVAC use at budget-friendly levels. The latest features make it easier than ever to ensure a home’s comfort while curbing big energy bills. An energy audit will determine whether an upgrade would be cost effective for a customer’s home.

3. Compare upgrade pricing and impact.

In recent years, the cost-saving ability of humidifiers and other system add-ons has become a bigger focus for HVAC companies. We now know how adding or removing moisture to an environment amplifies the effects of heating and cooling equipment. Used in tandem with a well-running system, they can make a big difference!

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