3 Ways That McCall’s Positions Our Contractors to Succeed

3 Ways That McCall’s Positions Our Contractors to Succeed

What are the real benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer?

Shelves of HVAC products available at a McCall's location

Curious about the benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer? Wondering what it could really do for you and your business? If you’re an HVAC contractor looking for ways to build and grow your business, you should know that McCall’s strives in many ways to position its contractors to succeed. Take a look at 3 of them:

1. Locations, Locations, Locations

McCall’s has 19 locations in 3 states, allowing contractors to easily obtain whatever the job requires. One of the most important things to your success is access to the products, parts, and information you need to provide stellar service to your customers. With so many locations, McCall’s provides that.

2. One Word: DesignStar

The DesignStar program, exclusive to Ruud dealers, is offered by McCall’s to its contractors and offers a box full of tools you can take advantage of. These include a professional proposal builder to make your sales proposals look polished and professional, a lead generator that’s built right into your website, and calculators to help you do accurate load calculations before you’re in front of potential customers.

3. We Make it Easy

McCall’s doesn’t make you jump through hoops and climb tall mountains to build a professional relationship. All you need to do is complete a dealer application and submit two forms that allow McCall’s to include you in their dealer locator, an online tool that allows customers to find dealers, like you, in their area. Easy as that.

What could joining the McCall’s team do for your business?